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Mechanical & Electrical Systems in Buildings, 4th Edition

Mechanical & Electrical Systems in Buildings, 4th EditionPhysical Product

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This book is intended both as a textbook and as a reference book for students and professionals interested in building mechanical and electrical systems.  With a complete and practical introduction to the design of mechanical and electrical systems in buildings, the text successfully bridges the gap between architecture, civil engineering technology, and construction management.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 — Introduction to Mechanical and Electrical Systems: Energy, Sustainability and Economics 

Chapter 2 — HVAC Fundamentals 

Chapter 3 — HVAC Delivery Systems 

Chapter 4 — Cooling Production Equipment and Systems 

Chapter 5 — Heating Production Equipment and Systems 

Chapter 6 — Air-Handling Equipment and Systems 

Chapter 7 — Piping Equipment and Systems 

Chapter 8 — Plumbing Equipment and Systems 

Chapter 9 — Fire Protection Equipment and Systems 

Chapter 10 — Introduction to Electricity 

Chapter 11 — Power Equipment and Systems 

Chapter 12 — Communications, Life Safety, and Security Systems 

Chapter 13 — Electrical Design and Wiring 

Chapter 14 — Light and Lighting 

Chapter 15 — Lighting Equipment and Systems 

Chapter 16 — Calculations of Illumination 

Chapter 17 — Lighting Design

 Chapter 18 — Noise and Vibrations in Mechanical and Electrical Systems 

Chapter 19 — Architectural Accommodation and Coordination of Mechanical and Electrical Systems



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